engineer-i : design intelligence   "design engineering suite of AI tool kit series 

  • monamie-i@MOveO

    Design engineer companion to AI and ML technologies and technologies behind.

  • purple-i@MOveO

    Online AI technologies retail store and Robot bargain shop, to serve as unique one stop shop.

  • engineer-i@MOveO

    engineering design intelligence, featured API s operating on web processed in cloud.

  • all-i@MOveO

    serve to empower innovative minds, enabled by breakthrough technologies in cloud cluster.

aLL-i@MOveO empower innovative minds

  • engineer-i:Design engineering AI tool kit

    ThAPI empowers designer to build design  models designed through life cycles of design , using  design features scripted on python. engineer-i API  is an open-source neural-network library written in Python. It is capable of running on top of TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, R, Theano, or PyTorch.

  • engineer-i

    design contract

    engineer-i offers contract works to be completed within 3-9 months time to develop featured design APIs trained and develop on your script, to build design  models designed through life cycles of design , using  features given. engineer-i API  is an open-source neural-network library written in Python. It is capable of running on top of TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, R, Theano, or PyTorch

  • engineer-i partners

    engineer-i provides all day all time supports to our contract holders and members registered for monamie-i partnership technical alliance on all issues related with AI technologies and technologies behind.

  • monamie-i

    online learning

    monamie-i offers online courses and organize webinars on zoom, including organizing annual events such as intelligence-i unigue online conference on artificial intelligence technologies for engineers, and annual technology work shops on AI.

  • intelligence-i 2021

    T.intelligence-i is unique online conference on AI technologies for all engineers to gather and  to learn breakthrough technology by world leading scientists and experts, invited from all parts of world

  • monamie-i

    partnership alliance

    monamie-i partnership alliance is all free engineering platform managed and organised by monamie-i@MOveO, to establish common professional ground for tech companies and professional to share and contribute on AI technologies

  • purple-i autumn

    flea market

    online flea  market is annually organized by purple-i@MOveO to facilitate  robot sales on bargain prices, scheduled to be held starting from this year on 31 October 2020

  • purple-i 

    advance sales 

    purple-i 4 times in a year runs adavnce sales bargain for design contract holders and partners, including members of partnership alliance. purple-i online AI technologies retail store offers retail sales of all engineer-i software and framework , and free access to engineer-i open source softwares  operating on monamie-i  platform at cloud.

Service Providers at purple-i  @MOveO

Annual Flea Market

annual flea market is going to be held annually online to facilitate robot sales all sorts on bargain prices, starting from this autumn. 

Online Retail Sales of engineer-i software/framework

Starting fromMarch 2021 all application softwares and frameworks will be  sold  to be available on retail prices  by engineer-i @MOveO

partnership offers

purple-i@MOveO will offer advance sales on bargain prices and special discounts all design contract holders, partners and monamie-i partnership alliance members.

design engineer companion on AI at monamie-i@MOveO

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  • intelligence-i 2021

    Unique online  annual conference on AI technologies organised for design engineers to attend online.

  • online training 

    online training, webinars all are free to register, recognized and organised by world leading AI professionals, Scientists and university research centres.

  • monamie-i 2021

    Unique online annual workshop on AI technologies, to share and contribute,

    10 June 2021

  • professional recognition

    Professional recognition of all online courses, webinars and conferences, certified by leading university research centres on AI technologies.

we do serve in contract, we collaborate in partnership, we support in agreement   

engineer-i : Design engineering suite of AI tool kit series

engineer-i: Design engineering AI tool kit  

by  engineer-i@MOveO

  • engineer-i deep.png

    engineer-i deep

    To be released on open source in March 2021

  • engineer-i API.png

    engineer-i API

    High level API to design featured products

  • engineer-i brain

    To be released on open source in March 2021

  • monamie-i (1).png


    Open source operating and modelling platform in cloud

  • complayer-i (1).png


    High level API to design composite configurations

  • engineer-i%20app%20(1)_edited.jpg

    engineer-i app

    High level API operating on ios/android

  • complast-i.png


    High level API to design sustainable plastic.

  • engineer-i blade (1).png

    engineer-i blade

    High level API to design turbine blade

  • zev-i

    High level API to design zero emission vehicles.

  • engineer-i cowl.png

    engineer-i cowl

    High level API design fan cowls.

  • engineer-i analytics (2).png

    engineer-i analytics

    open source software for engineering data analytics

  • engineer-i composite (1).png

    engineer-i composite

    High level API to design engineering composites

contract to empower design engineers by engineer-i@MOveO

engineer-i design

We serve all design engineers to empower them with API s trained on open source software processed in cloud to design and to produce 3D STL design models, enable them to design, develop and produce using intelligence featured on their demand, we work on contracts between 3-9 months to design , and operate featured API you need to design , and produce new product.

engineer-i partnership

We offer either  short term design contracts or partnership agreements to support you on everything you may need to use AI technologies and behind , to be implemented into your design process.

engineer-i support

We support all contract holders and partners  fully on every issue related with AI technologies, all time and all day, on any day they need us.

engineer-i open source by engineer-i@MOveO

monamie-i (1).png

monamie-i operating platform

engineer-i open source softwares and framework, enabled to be operating on moamie-i framework are  going to be open all starting from March 2021.

breakthrough technology at all-i@MOveO

events  at all-i@MOveO

robo dj s of all-i@MOveO

  • Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme
    Thu, Feb 06
    Feb 06, 2025, 10:00 AM
    Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme Understand AI, its potential for business, and the opportunities for its implementation
  • Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate
    Mon, Mar 17
    Mar 17, 2025, 5:00 PM
    "Artificial intelligence is the new electricity." - Andrew Ng, Stanford Adjunct Professor

contact at  all-i@MOveO

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